Routine maintenance is important in order to keep this property in top operating condition. Your water heating and air conditioning HVAC systems have a major impact on the energy efficiency of a persons home. By pursuing the recommended maintenance tips below, you may protect these critical systems running effectively and your monthly energy bills under control.

  • Install a humidistat to watch your own home’s humidity levels. The humidistat will allow you to determine if you feel you need a humidifier or dehumidifier to conserve the humidity level at 40-60%.
  • During the wintertime, a humidifier will keep the indoor air more comfortable and enable you to preserve your wood furniture from shrinking, drying and cracking, prevent how to treat dry skin and respiratory problems and save cash on heating.
  • Making use of a dehumidifier during the ummer will assist with the prevention of mold and mildew, to get the indoor air improved and help the bank balance on cooling.
  • Every year, replace programmable thermostat batteries to maintain peak performance.
  • Examine air-con condensation drainpipe to make sure it’s flowing freely. Prevent mold by flushing develop a disinfectant at the least twice in the course of the cooling season.
  • Clean the outside central AC unit coils occasionally to get rid of dirt and leaves. Water can potentially cause electrocution, so don’t hose them down.
  • Your AC and furnace ought to be serviced every year to verify they are running optimally. It’s wise to test the AC until the summer heat sets in.
  • Prolong the lifestyle of one’s water heater tank by draining it at the least once the year.
  • An insulation blanket and get a container will reduce heat loss by 25-40% according to the EPA and lower energy costs by about $30 annually. Wrap your electric cistern with insulating blankets before winter sets in.
  • Ducts should be cleaned professionally a minimum of once a year and inspected to ensure they are properly sealed and insulated. Use aluminum and/or duct seal mastic to seal all holes and joints and insulate with duct insulation.
  • The HVAC filter should be alter every 1-3 months. High-quality pleated filters are better than inexpensive fiberglass filters when it comes to keeping ducts and indoor air clean. You should also check the exterior HVAC vents for birds’ nests or leaves.
  • Electrical connections needs to be tight and also have no indicators of burned wiring or contacts. They must be checked twice each year.
  • Your heat-recovery ventilator ought to be cleaned and of course the filter checked.

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