Carpet cleaning and maintenance isn’t complicated, apart from regular vacuum cleaning and addressing spills and stains as fast as you may there is merely the matter of keeping them professionally cleaned yearly if not more according to the selection of potential customers in residence and your feet traffic. As carpet experts often remind us we should not let the carpet become too dirty before we have gotten cleaned professionally. Waiting too much between cleanings may end in staining or discoloration that may no longer be removed. With that being said there are a number of ways by which companies professionally clean carpets. It is after all important that a person has a fundamental familiarity with these sorts before one agrees to a certain method for ones’ carpeting.

Carpet Shampoo System

The thought for this technique is to apply or may be create loads of foam on the carpet. This foam will attract the dirt and will be free to dry. Once dried the residue that remains can then be safely vacuumed away which resulted in a clean carpet. The froth is usually used using either a Cylindrical Foam Shampoo machine or a rotary floor machine. Both use brushes of different makes to comb throughout the carpet.

Steam Cleaning System

Also called “warm water extraction” or “warm water extraction” it uses warm water that’s powerfully sprayed onto your carpets in fine jets to tug dirt off of the carpet. This results in a dirty liquid is then sucked up by a powerful vacuum through a slot at the front end of the spray. The device is often truck mounted allowing exhaust residue it certainly doesn’t need to be released away from the home. This procedure can be considered with some to become the only system of “deep carpet cleaning professionals”. Other systems are listed in other professionals as only “surface cleaning” systems.

Dry Cleaning System

Sometimes called carpet absorbent cleaners this uses very insufficient water. A dry absorbent mixture which will find yourself with minute levels of water, solvent and detergent is dusted into the carpet. Then it is most agitated into carpet with specialized equipment. Identical to in the froth method the “dry mixture” attracts and absorbs dirt. The dry mixture is vacuumed away from the carpet. For very dirty carpets however an extra step of pre-spraying your carpets is often needed just before the main cleaning process. They are usually employed with a detergent pre-spray in heavily soiled areas. The plus side to the epilfree solution is that there’s no drying time needed after the cleaning.

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